Send a “Taste of Home” to yourself or someone special. CALL (304) 529-3647 & ask for a manager to place an order.

We prepare and then freeze the fresh taste of Stewarts Original Hot Dogs 24 hours before the shipping date. Then we pack them in a 1.5″ thick shipping cooler with reusable frozen polar packs. What you get is our one-of-a-kind hot dogs, ready to pop in the microwave, heat, and pop in your mouth. If you are planning a gathering in the Huntington area and would prefer catering, call (304) 529-3647 to make special arrangements. 

UPS ground shipping to business locations is less expensive and delivered earlier in the day. You can refer to the UPS Calculate Time page for an accurate time estimate.

Use our 25703 zip code as the “Ship from” reference and use 26lbs as the “Ship weight” & 16x16x15 as the “Box Size”. We encourage you to ship to your work or a trusted open business address.

Please note Stewarts Hot Dogs WILL NOT be responsible for food spoilage due to delays by UPS from incorrect/incomplete address information, delivery delays due to bad weather, spoilage due to excessive heat, packages left at the door for extended periods of time, or other factors out of Stewarts Hot Dogs control. Please note that UPS WILL NOT accept claims due to heat damage. It is recommended to have your order shipped to a location where it can immediately be transferred to a freezer upon delivery.

Hot Dogs

All Prices Include: 
Hot Dogs, Shipping Container, Frozen Polar Packs, Personal Greeting & Processing Fee.

UPS Shipping Charge by the method of shipping YOU choose. Call 304-529-3647 for a shipping quote.