I was raised in Huntington and moved away in 1998……I’m very proud of being from Huntington and never miss a chance to talk about my home and my home state of WV! I’m in law enforcement in Gaston county NC now and have run into several people along the way that know about Huntington and nearly EVERYTIME one of their first questions are……. ” DO YOU HAVE TO EAT AT STEWARTS HOT DOGS EVERYTIME YOU GO HOME? ” and without delay my answer is always, WELL OF COURSE!! ” The 5th Ave location is the one I grew up eating at and now I’m taking my 2 year old son there every time we come home to Huntington to see all our family! That includes our extended family of Stewart’s Hot Dogs! THANKS JOHN FOR ALLOWING THE MOMORIES TO CARRY ON TO MY CHILD, WE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU GUYS IN DECEMBER!!”



I’m certain you get these kind of emails often… But, I just want to say Stewarts on 5th Ave is a must stop for me anytime I come home. I was born in Huntington..and lived (there)…in the 60 ‘s and early 70’s. My parents were of ultra modest means..so, going out for food nearly never happened…but, one place we did go to was Stewarts on 5th Ave…this was always a wonderful treat…time passes…we grew up moved away. But when I come home, I make everyone load in the car for a Stewarts meal…and no matter where we are Barboursville or Milton..i make them take me to the 5th Ave store.

It brings Back all those warm childhood memories…thank you so much for keeping it going .

Not sure if you know but there are Stewarts convenience stores in upstate by…NOT the same…and I correct my neighbors all the time about the real Stewarts… “


“Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know that the dry ice worked out great and the hot dogs arrived still frozen for the four day delivery. We celebrated a pre-Christmas dinner with my soon to be 94 year old (and Milton, WV native) father on Sunday and all thoroughly enjoyed them. All that was missing were the guys from the factory next to your original store walking out in all different colors.

Thank you for your personal involvement in making our Christmas a little more special! Your hot dogs are absolutely a one of a kind experience.”

C.E. Wilson Jr.

Huntington, WV

“Memories come in many varieties. Good and bad. Lasting and short term. Tonight I sat by myself in my car at Stewarts Hot Dog stand, Huntington’s oldest drive-in, Est. 1932, and wonderful memories of people & places began flooding my mind. Sitting there I thought of former curb boys like Ed Vincent and Bill Boston among others and as recently as a couple of Summer’s ago my own son Clint Wilson working there. I have such wonderful thoughts of so many of you. Both new friends and old and the many things we’ve lived through together. I’m so grateful to God for each of you and for this place we’ve been allowed to grow together. Some desire the hurried life of the big city while others may think they would be happy in a like of solitude, but I love this place. It’s where my memories live.”


Seattle, Washington

“John, I cant thank you and your crew enough for the fantastic box of hot dogs we had delivered on Friday. Several Huntington expats gathered together here in Seattle and scarfed down 24 of them.

DELICIOUS!  We did have to make a run to KFC for cole slaw, as your slaw on a dog has ruined us for any other kind of topping, besides that fantastic sauce you use.  We served up Stewarts Root Beer (alas, no frosted mugs, although attempts were made and failed miserably) and introduced a couple of non-Huntingtonians to the joys of the best hot dogs on the planet.

Everyone agreed the only thing missing was the smell from the dye factory and it would have been a trip back to our youth!

I am sure we will order again! Although if you could add in two Cam’s Ham sandwiches next time, we might offer you our first born.

Thanks again.”


“It was nice meeting you. Thank you for such a wonderful job Saturday. The food was great and everyone enjoyed it. Your workers were very nice and helpful. In approximately 2 years, we will be having a middle school reunion and we will keep you in mind. Again, thanks.”


Denver, Colorado

“I came back to town in April, and I wanted first thing to stop with my family at a Stewart’s! The 1st Avenue location has been the one where I have ate at from childhood to being married. My wife and I agree…no better place in the world for a great hot dog and a root beer!”



“I am from a family of five.Growing up on a farm in Southern Ohio back in the late 1960’s was tough.We hardly ever had extra money and when we did it went for shoes or some other unnecessary thing:) Our parents worked hard and so did we. Once a month we were allowed to go to Stewarts to get a mouth watering hot dog and that to die for rootbeer. But only if we had earned it. That was such an incentive.

My sister and I moved to Texas, married, had children and careers. We take a road trip every summer to visit family and old school friends. We have experienced so many things but those special memories are now part of our children’s lives. We still go to the same Stewarts that we visited as children. Our children have that same anticipation on their faces as we did. And why not they have to wait a whole year.”


“I live in Northeastern Kentucky. In the past I have treated many of my co-workers with hot dogs from Stewarts. Now every time my co-workers hear of me or my children are traveling to Huntington, I must bring back 2 or 3 dozen hot dogs. My co-workers all agree Stewarts is far better than Skyline or Gold Star. You really need to open a Stewarts in NKy preferably in Union, KY, since that is where I live. There is a restaurant in Union owned by a Marshall Graduate, Beef O’Brady’s. When Marshall came to Cincinnati to play UC, there was a pep rally for MU at his restaurant and a Huntington Radio Station was there for the rally. It was great.”


McConnelsville, OH

“Forgive the familiarity as you have no idea as to who I am but from 1959 (as a student at Huntington East High on 29th & 5th) to date I have been in love with the marvelous hot dog and sauce your family has created. As a matter of fact, I was once a car hop at the original location (working for $2.00 a shift plus tips). It was a most wonderful time for me. … Pardon an old man and his nostalgia. It has been years since I have visited Huntington but am finally able to plan a trip this coming week or so and am hoping to be able to make my purchases at the original store.”

Dee Dee

Barboursville, WV

Class of 67 Reunion

“I am sorry we are late in sending out thank you’s…. but we certainly want you to know that your part in our weekend went just great. Everyone enjoyed the hot dogs.. your service was right on time and the boys that delivered and picked up the items were very polite ! Thank you for adding to our weekend and making everyone feel like they were BACK HOME IN THE 60’S !! We will certainly recommend your service to anyone that is thinking about having a party or reunion !”


class of HEHS 68

“I just want to thank you for continuing and sharing your family tradition with all of us.

I am currently living in Vail, Co and LONG for a Stew or two. While serving in the Army (now retired), I brought my family home for a visit and always a trip to Stewart’s on 5th Ave was the first stop upon arrival. I grew up in Huntington and return most of the time for Marshall homecoming games.

I haven’t been home in almost two years, but get ready, we’re moving back east and a visit from Louisville, Ky will be in order around September or October. IF you have changed the taste of the best HOT DOG in the world, I’ll have to contact my Army buds and arrange a hostile take over for sure……..heh, heh. Naw, just kidding.

Thanks again for providing the best food barnone.

I always wanted to hop for Stewarts, but chose another path, a good one at that. Did you ever think about a reunion of all the former car hops you’ve employed. One thing I wish my former boss had done for us Gladwell Pharmacy employees. The stories you could hear and enjoy once more.

I have to stop or I’ll keep rambling on and on.

Thank you


I used to eat 10-15 of your dogs at a time………”